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The Mental Suppository

Oct 6, 2022

The last time Fletch hit the screens was back in 1989’s Fletch Lives, the last to feature Chevy Chase in the title role. Unlike the previous big screen appearance, that movie wasn’t based on any of the novels written by Gregory McDonald. And it showed.

Over the years there have been attempts to start up the franchise again, one being an adaptation of McDonalds prequel novel Fletch Won which would have been spearheaded by Kevin Smith and was rumored to star either Jae Lee or Ben Affleck in the starring role. That version of Fletch never came to fruition.

But it would appear Fletch has finally returned. This time in the guise of Mad Men star Jon Hamm

In this episode Bret and Andrew discuss their first takes on the trailer for Confess Fletch. Based on the second novel in Gregory McDonalds series. 

And from first take Hamm’s version of the character is closer to the character that McDonald wrote than the one Chevy Chase played. Which was basically just Chevy Chase as Chevy Chase.

So it's time for Fletch to Confess. But who knows what the outcome will be.