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The Mental Suppository

Jun 23, 2022

This week the Mental Suppository presents THE BUNK SQUAD. Adapted for radio in color. When the regular police think a case is the bunk they call in… THE BUNK SQUAD.

In this episode Sgt. Morris Howard and his partner Louis Fine are trying to find who stole the Blue Booby Ruby. A rare gem shaped like a bird of the same name. And it’s not a laughing matter. Howard and Fine question many unsavory and questionable characters as they try to discover just who stole the Blue Booby Ruby. And why it’s so funny. And just when they think all hope is lost and they might never discover just who has got their hands on the Blue Booby, the answer is in front of their face all along.

But will Howard and Fine like the answer they get? And is the Blue Booby really a laughing matter? Well, don’t ask us! Listen to the episode and find out for yourselves!!