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The Mental Suppository

Nov 23, 2022

The recent passing  of television, stage and voice actor Kevin Conroy marked the end of an era.  

For many who grew up in the 1990s, he WAS Batman starting with the iconic Batman the Animated Series and has continued to voice the character for the past 30 years in various spin offs, direct to DVD productions and video games. 

Although admitting he wasn’t an aficionado, it has been a character he has enjoyed returning to alongside Mark Hamill’s iconic take on the Joker time and again. As well as someone who has been appreciative of the fans love and support for his take on the character over the years he has voiced him. 

Being longtime fans of Batman TAS (which was the subject of our very first episode) we felt we needed to pay tribute to someone who this podcast feels is THE definite Batman. 

Kevin gave the character a portrayal and a voice so many live action productions have missed the mark on. 

For all of us at the Mental Suppository, along with so many fans out there, Kevin Conroy was and always will be… THE Batman. 

All who take on the role after him have some very big shoes to fill.