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The Mental Suppository

May 20, 2021

Some might say (and rightfully so) it was Superman starring Christopher Reeve in 1978 that proved a superhero movie could be a box office success. Superman has been one of the most popular superheroes and the one to spark the popularity of costumed heroes in 1938. But despite this there have only been a few times where the character has been portrayed that has caused universal praise. The most recent portrayal featuring Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel has been mixed. Some have liked it while others have been put off by this grimmer version of a character and miss the wink and cheerful optimism of past portrayals. In this episode, Bret, Kevin, Jamie and Andrew look at all the versions of Superman. On the big and small screen as well as on the radio. And discuss what their favorites are and why. So it’s up, up and away for another high flying installment of the Mental Suppository Podcast.