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The Mental Suppository

Apr 2, 2021

Johan Michaels is a new author who brings with him a fresh perspective in his writing. Both his latest novels Future Machine and Warpaint were not only inspired by what he loves, admires and enjoys in science-fiction and fantasy. But also his own experience with the pandemic and lockdown helped to shape the vision of that world.

Both Future Machine and Warpaint he creates a dystopian future that paints a unique landscape that doesn't pin itself down to one theme. While Future Machine takes place in an urban cyberpunk, Warpaint takes place in what can only be described as a futuristic spaghetti western. But both feeling like they exist in the same universe Michaels continues to weave.

Said to have been born out of necessity, Johan Michaels is a writer that wants to experiment in all different kinds of genres rather than be pinned down by one. His books are fun and exciting while showcasing his insight, intelligence as well as his own deep feelings of right and wrong.

Let us introduce you to a new and unique voice and step inside the universe of Future Machine.