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The Mental Suppository

May 26, 2022

WLVIII TV Channel 58 might be a station serving the Florida/Peru/Massachusetts area with towers located in a cow field in Barre.. we think.

With quality programming like Dick Prostate Gynecologist PI, Uncle Greg's Boatload of Gosh Darn Fun, The Jerry Warbler Sings A Bunch Of Crap With These Other Jerks Hour, Friday Night Frightening Flick with Dr. Deadmeat,  Entertaining Barre with Buford Tums, as well as popular sitcoms like Father on the Sex Offender Registry and That's Not Livestock That's My Wife… and it's Livestock. And of course, the hit cop drama Camaro Man. 

On today’s episode Channel 58 looks at some amazing music video mashups. Groups you would never think would sound so good together and yet they do.

Hey!! You got your Black Sabbath in my Doors!! You got your Doors in my Black Sabbath!! Why not have both and shut up?

You can also watch this episode on our YouTube channel