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The Mental Suppository

Jul 16, 2021

A special TWO HOUR episode!!

40 years ago the dynamic duo of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas introduced to the world to the swashbuckling fedora wearing unshaven archaeologists and adventurer INDIANA JONES in a film that was destined to not only be a classic of the 1980s but a classic film of any era. Bathed in the adventure serials of George Lucas's youth, the film had the right balance of excitement, laughs, thrills as well as a scare or two that brought audiences back over and over again. Spawning three sequels since its initial release with a fourth one in the work.

In this episode, Bret, Andrew, Jamie and Wayne talk about their memories of not only Raiders but the other movies in the Indiana Jones franchise. As well as their feelings of Harrison Ford donning that familiar old fedora once again.

Are you ready for another installment in the series? Or is it well past Dr. Jones's time to ride off into the sunset. 

You decide!!